18k Gold Headphones from Happy Plugs

The dazzling earbuds from Swedish brand Happy Plugs is just as much a jewelry as a gadget. Happy Plugs headphones in 18-carat solid gold is molded into the shape of the Happy Plugs Earbuds and 25 grams of gold are used for each pair of earphones, which gives the headphones weight as a large jewelry.
Each Earbud 18 carat Gold headphones are made by hand and can be ordered at a price of $14.500 USD, €11.000. If you aren’t that rich, you can still have stylish gold headphones. The company is at the same time launching a more wallet-friendly option, metallic colored headphones in gold and silver. These models are available as Earbuds and In-ear at a price of €24,99 and €34,99.
Check out the photos below and follow the link to order yours if you have some extra cash to burn.

Earbud 18 carat Gold (2)
Earbud 18 carat Gold
Earbud 18 carat Gold (3)
Earbud 18 carat Gold



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