3 Fantastic DIY Ideas for your Bedroom

DIY buffs and interior design squares everywhere – rejoice and be merry, because it’s time to give your bedroom a complete overhaul.
Indeed, the bedroom is arguably the most important space in your house. It’s where you catch your 40 winks, lounge while you’re ill and watch Netflix on your laptop.
But most bedrooms aren’t as optimal as they could be. With a simple hammer, some nails and a few sheets of plywood, you could construct any number of things to give your home the ideal look.
With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few things to give you the ideal bedroom. Finally, you’ll be able to shut your eyes and drift off in homemade luxury.

A cabinet construction

Have you ever wandered into someone’s bedroom, only to be disgusted by the sheer abundance of items strewn along the floor?
In smaller bedrooms especially, cupboard space can be a valuable commodity in short supply. So why not create some of your own.
If you want something basic, simply put up some shelves with a few sheets of wood.
For a project that’s more ambitious, however, create a wall mounted cabinet that will look aesthetically pleasing in your room.
Ensure you have the best glue for wood before you begin any building process. The finer products on the market can give you perfect tack, making your construction all the more solid.
Once you’re finished, you’ll have a major addition to your room that will give it some pizzazz.


Black it out

Back in the bad old days, blackout curtains were a necessity, protecting citizens from overhead bombers. But now that we’re in a time of peace, they’re simply an excellent convenience.
While they’re not as stylish as a voile or net curtain, a blackout curtain will block out all light, giving you a perfect dark in which to rest.
To make your own, all you need is a large amount of thick material and a sewing machine. Fashion some curtains and you might even be able to make them more stylish than shop bought options.


Block it off

Some bedrooms are so roomy you just don’t know what to do with all that space. The solution? Create a partition that will split your room in half.
This can be achieved by mounting a wall in the centre of your room, or by stacking various boxes in the desired space.
And what can you do with your partitioned space? Create a walk-in wardrobe or changing facility, use it as a study or a mini-library to store your bedtime reads or really anything you like.
Some stores, like Ikea, can provide people with effective partitions that won’t set you back too much. Just be sure to measure the length of your partition before you buy. After all, misplaced blocking could throw off the balance of the entire space.


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