3 Ways to Look Great All Summer

The summer has creeped on you like an old flame tapping you on the shoulder in a busy nightclub. While you’re happy to see it, you just weren’t prepared for the chat.
And just like an old relationship re-sparking, things are different every time it pops around. Moreover, it always makes you aware of how different you looked compared to only a year ago.
But the sun is out – so maybe it’s time to rekindle your relationship with fitness and a healthy diet.
As those life-giving rays beat down on the pavement, you’ll inevitably feel more motivated to make yourself look great.
With that in mind, here are a few ways to improve your appearance during your summer of love.

Help out your chinny chin chin

Having a huge chin might never have been an impediment for Bruce Forsyth, but it’s a genuine source of annoyance for those trying to look great.
For those with a double chin, tightening up that chub seems like an impossible dream – unless you can find the perfect remedy.
Double chin reduction is a possibility with the right lotion. It’ll tighten up your skin and make it look far less obvious.
While exercise is the most desirable antidote to a double chin, a magical lotion could be the quick-fix you need in the meantime.

Take a telly break

Every day a new, high-quality telly drama seems to appear. When it’s not Breaking Bad, it’s Game of Thrones. And when it’s not Game of Thrones, it’s Peaky Blinders. We’re in the golden age of television – and it’s making exercising seem like little more than a needless distraction.
But what if you could do both?
If you want to look stunning and find out what happens to Jon Snow, have a break in between episodes to perform 15 minutes of exercises.
Do this after an entire season of shows and you won’t feel like such a couch potato.


Summer foods

Do you think summertime is when you can feast on endless barbecues and down more beers than Rab C Nesbitt? Then you’ll never look as healthy as the sun should make you.
Take advantage of the fresh fruit and veg during the summer by making salads and superfood combinations.
These might sound a little bland, but adding some bitter balsamic vinegar, zesty lemon juice or scintillating (homemade) pasta sauces will add bursts of flavour to beat any chargrilled slab of meat.
Combine your meals with regular amounts of water and you’ll be both well-hydrated and well-fed. And you’ll be able to look great all summer long.


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