Avido WiBa Wireless Phone Charger

Although mobile phones are great, charging them up continues to be a real pain for many. This is especially true if your charger still plugs into the wall and your phone via a wired connection. Luckily, wireless chargers have come to your rescue! These get rid of those annoying trailing and restrictive wires to free you up to charge anywhere, anytime.
The Avido WiBa is a great example of the next gen wireless chargers. Unlike other products in this area, the WiBa doesn’t even need to be connected to a power outlet so offers true freedom. With a huge 500mAh capacity, it is easy to clip your phone onto the unit and let it charge away, wherever you are. No plug sockets needed! In a neat twist, there is even a USB port on the side to let you charge another device using a charging cable.
Coming with a charging dock, you just place the WiBa on there and let it get full of juice to pass onto your phone. If you desire true convenience for charging your smartphone up, this is a must buy!

BUY HERE: WiBa – 100% Wireless Power Bank

Avido WiBa (1)
Avido WiBa
Avido WiBa (2)
Avido WiBa
Avido WiBa (3)
Avido WiBa

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