Bacon Express Bacon Grill

Costing just $40, this is a great tool for breakfast or anytime you fancy a bacon sandwich! You no doubt love eating bacon, but let’s face it – making it is messy! This and the cleaning up afterwards can really put you off eating it which is where this product helps. Not only that but this is healthier than frying bacon in the usual way. The bacon grease slides down the cooking surface due to the vertical design, making for a healthier snack all round.
Great looking to freshen up any kitchen surface, it has sleek lines that make it something you want to use. Able to accept regular or thick-cut bacon, you place the meat on the grill vertically and set the dial to the required heat. Once in place, you shut the cooking doors and set it work. As the name suggests, this cooks your bacon quickly so there is no waiting around to enjoy it!
This is a great product as it gives perfectly cooked bacon, fast and in a healthier way than usual. Easy to clean and with a slide-out drip tray, it will be something you will love to use time and again. Just be prepared for your bacon consumption to go up!

BUY HERE: Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill


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