BMW Urban Racer Concept by Jans Slapins

The BMW Urban Racer is another concept motorcycle designed by Jans Slapins from London who is a 3D designer; famous with creating unique, highly detailed automotive prototypes.

Jans Slapins choosed to use an unusual blend of old-world materials, like mahogany wood and quilted leather, combined with the latest 21st century kit like carbon fiber bodywork, LED lighting and high performance chassis components. Looks like he got his inspiration from modern military jets and stealth fighters.

The motorcycle is equipped with a 1,200 cc flat-twin engine and offers an impressive 115 horsepower. Jans added a pair of Brembo brakes to stop this monster.

Check out photos below. To see more examples of concept vehicles from Jans Slapins, don’t forget to follow his blog!

BMW Urban Racer (1)
BMW Urban Racer


BMW Urban Racer (2)
BMW Urban Racer


BMW Urban Racer (3)
BMW Urban Racer


Via: Jans Slapins


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