BrakeFree Motorcycle Smart Brake Light

As you will know if you drive a motorcycle, being on two-wheels can be dangerous. With no room for error, you need to be seen and also be aware of what is around you at all times. With this in mind, the BrakeFree Smart Brake Light is essential if you love being on your motorbike.
This product improves your visibility to other road users but is especially good at nights or in bad weather. It is great at avoiding any rear-end accidents when other road users may go into your behind when you brake sharply. The brake light mounts onto your helmet with two super-strong magnets at eye level and glow constantly when switched on. When you brake, either by actually braking or the engine slowing down, the light on your helmet will light up even brighter to alert anyone behind you.
This brake light is fully weather resistant and gives off a very bright light that will enable you to be easily seen on the road. The charge will keep you going for 8 continuous hours and it is pretty reasonable to buy at around $100.

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