Echo Spot

If you are familiar with the Echo Dot (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then this latest version will surely interest you. In many ways, the Spot is fairly similar to the Dot in what it actually does. You still get the calming voice of Alexa to help out with any questions or problems which is fabulous. The look is still the same sleek, black design too with its round visage.
Compact and light-weight, it will fit anywhere in your home and has 2nd generation far-field voice recognition so you can always access it. Where this really differs in a superb way from previous versions though is the highly intuitive video screen. You can do a whole host of tasks from checking the weather to switching your lights on and calling friends, while the results are shown on the video screen. This is a great touch from the manufacturers and one that a lot of people will love.
A truly ground-breaking device, once you start using this you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

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Echo Spot  (1)
Echo Spot
Echo Spot  (2)
Echo Spot
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Echo Spot
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Echo Spot

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