GANKER Fighting Robot

If you like your tech and like cool new gadgets, then this is the product for you! Giving the ultimate in cutting-edge tech and fun use, the GANKER fighting robot will give hours of exciting play. It looks like how it sounds which is great – all gun-metal fighting spirit and mean lines. Operating on contained servo motors, the authentic movements is where the magic lies.
The way this robot moves is extremely natural and pleasing to the eye. It reacts to commands you give it, so you can get it to attack or retreat with just the sound of your voice. By using the mobile app, you can pre-select a list of commands for your robot so when they fun starts, it will be ready to go.
Great fun on its own, it really comes to life if you fight against a friend’s GANKER robot. These battles are amazing and you will love seeing which robot comes out on top. For extra realism, your robot has sensors all over that report when it gets hit. After too many hits, it will run out of energy levels and be defeated. Just make sure you get in with your two robotic swords first and come out the winner!

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GANKER Fighting Robot (1)
GANKER Fighting Robot
GANKER Fighting Robot (2)
GANKER Fighting Robot

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