The James Brand Chapter X Salomon Knife

A useful, handy pocket knife is something that everyone should own. They can be used effectively for a number of tasks in daily life as well as being invaluable when out camping. This folding pocket knife from The James Brand is a great example of what we mean. The striking orange design not only looks sensational but also means you will be able to find it easily, especially at night.
Made from anodized Aluminium and welded to 4V titanium, it is not only super tough but super cool too! The drop point blade is hand-polished to an elegant and sharp satin finish while measuring 2.33 inches in length. It will easily handle a variety of jobs from cutting twine and carving wood. The washers on the knife come in phosphor bronze colour which really contrast beautifully with the orange body.
If you don’t have a reliable yet cool looking pocket knife then pick this up today. It is small enough to carry around and be there when you need it most!
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Salomon Knife (1)
Salomon Knife

Salomon Knife (2)
Salomon Knife
Salomon Knife (3)
Salomon Knife

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