Keyboardless Keyboard – AirType

Imagine a keyboard that fits in the palm of your hand. One that allows you to type on any surface, or none. Here is Airtype. Today it is still a concept but the promo video shows that it is not impossible to built! We have seen revolutionary keyboard designs like the laser keyboard before, but none of these were suitable for day to day use. Airtype is a wearable keyboard without a clunky board of buttons. Instead of that it provides motion-interpreting devices worn on the hands. All you need to type with Airtype is two tiny grips. These stylish grips will allow you to type in midair just as you would if a real keyboard was right under your fingertips. Airtype also appear to be lightweight and easy to travel with.
Check out the photos and watch the impressive promo video below. You will find a mailing list on their official website to keep up to date on Airtype’s progress.

AirType (1)
AirType (2)
AirType (3)

AirType Concept Promo

AirType Concept Promo from pfista on Vimeo.



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