LEGO-Like Form Recycling Containers – Leco By Flussocreative

Designed by italian design studio ‘’Flussocreativo’’, Leco is a decorative recycling container, young and colorful with a strong reference playful etched in collective memory. Simple, yet beautiful collection currently includes four polymer boxes, two smaller models in blue and green and two larger size containers in white and yellow. In my opinion these boxes are too beautiful to use for recycling container. I would rather use them elsewhere since they are too stylish to fit in any colorful room.
About the company;
Flussocreativo is a studio of industrial and interior design founded in Brescia in 2009 by Daniel Facchetti and Gianfranco Di Costanzo. After studying industrial design at “MACHINA Lonati Fashion and Design Institute”, for several years they were employed with a furniture contract company, working closely with skilled artisan on interior design project. – via
Check out Leco By Flussocreative.

Leco (1)

Leco (2)
Leco (3)
Leco (4)
Leco (5)



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