Libation Station – Keep your drinks in style

This innovative storage solution for your bottles of alcohol from Sean Woolsey Studio is amazing. Not only does it provide a real answer to your storage needs but it looks a million dollars too. It will fit in perfectly with the d├ęcor in any home and really add to the look of your house. Made from powder coated aluminium, it is round in shape to give an unusual and eye catching focal point to your lounge or kitchen.
One of the great things the Studio has included in this product is the walnut tray that slides out to use. This means you can rest a glass on it when pouring a drink at the Libation Station and avoid any more spillages. Also, it will give you a surface to chop your lemons or limes up on to serve with any drinks for guests. Able to hold 20 bottles of wine and up to 25 bottles of spirits, it has plenty of room in to satisfy most needs.
Easy to install, you will have it up in minutes and be ready to store your drinks safely but in a way that is accessible. This is a really superb piece of interior design furniture as it not only looks cutting-edge but answers a problem that many have. Instead of having all your bottles of alcohol cluttering your work-top up, use the Libation Station!

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