Lucis 3.0 Mood Lamp

Lucis, the award‐winning ultra‐powerful, wireless LED mood lamp, is back on Indiegogo with an all‐new range of products and accessories that make the future look bright.

The Lucis 3.0 Simple is equipped with strong LEDs that have a maximum output of 180 lumen. The
lamp is easy to use thanks to the stylish touch sensors that control the lamps brightness level. The
lamp is aesthetically similar to its big brother; the Lucis 3.0 Simple Power, which is equipped with a
powerful 8000 mAh battery capable of giving you 88 hours of continuous lighting. Besides that, Lucis
has an innovative feature (with the exception for the Lucis Simple model), which tech‐lovers will
adore; a powerbank ‐function that will charge your phone wirelessly.

Lucis (1)
Lucis (2)
Lucis (3)

via: Lucis 3.0, website

Lucis 3.0, Indiegogo campaign


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