Luxury Ride for Babies – Stokke Crusi

Norway based award winning company Stokke designed a stroller called Stokke Crusi, which will help you and your baby to feel secure when you use it. For babies development, feeling secure is too important. Stokke Crusi is one of the most secure and comfortable stroller i have ever seen. Baby carrier pod is placed in a high position and can be adjusted as a seat at the same time. The carrier has been ergonomically well thought out and is of generous proportions so that it offers enough space even for bigger babies. To ensure comfortable handling, it has been insulated and equipped with easy to store transport grips as well as effective ventilation. Based on a well thought-out overall concept, this stroller can be arranged in a variety of positions, expanding to accommodate these in an organic way. Quality is not cheap though. Check out the photos and video below. You can order yours for your child from amazon, if you have enough savings.

Stokke Crusi (1)
Stokke Crusi
Stokke Crusi (2)
Stokke Crusi
Stokke Crusi (3)
Stokke Crusi

Stokke® Crusi Stroller Demo

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