Nike Lab ACG.07.KMTR

If you like to rock a more futuristic look than the average Joe, then these are the shoes for you. Interestingly, Nike are said to have come up with the idea for these by scrunching a paper bag around a foot?! Whatever the inspiration, the finished article is nothing short of stunning! These will really make you stand out and be known as someone who is on the cutting-edge of fashion.
These sneakers have no laces or velcro – instead, a magnetic Fidlock buckle and drawstring at the rear of the shoe fits it tight to your foot. The four-way stretch upper shell responds to you drawing these tight to give the perfect fit. They are really easy to slip on but also very stable and comfy when in use.
As a day to day sneaker, it really hits the mark. Hard wearing and stylish, it has a water-resistant design to keep your feet dry. You can’t really get much better for walking around town in – they feel great, look great and have enough distinctive features to be something a bit different.


Nike Lab ACG 07 KMTR (1)
Nike Lab ACG 07 KMTR
Nike Lab ACG 07 KMTR (2)
Nike Lab ACG 07 KMTR

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