Ruggie Alarm Clock

Do you find yourself setting an alarm clock, only to ignore it every morning? With the sleep or snooze function on many, it is too easy to drift off back to bed and end rushing in a bid to get to work ontime. If this is your usual morning routine, then let this innovative alarm clock help.
The Ruggie is set in the same way as a normal alarm clock but doesn’t have a snooze function to cheat with. Instead, it will only stop ringing when you stand on the high-density memory foam for at least 3 seconds. The clock is built into the white mat itself and thus simply fits onto your bedroom floor until it’s needed. Also built into the mat is a bright LED display to show you what time it is when you step on it.
A really nice touch is that you can customize the mat to play whatever you like from a song or positive affirmation, after the alarm is disabled. This is done by loading them onto the Ruggie via a USB connector. Overall, this is a very clever product that will make those of us who don’t enjoy mornings deal with them better!

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Ruggie Alarm Clock (1)
Ruggie Alarm Clock
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Ruggie Alarm Clock

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