Save Energy with Miito Electric Kettle

MIITO is a brilliant device that will replace your traditional electric kettle. It sustainably heats liquids directly in the vessel to be used, hence eliminating the heating of excess water. In fact, it’s not a kettle. Instead, it’s a new way to boil water. Simply fill your cup with as much as water you need, then just place it onto the induction base and immerse the rod in the liquid. The induction base heats the rod, which then heats the liquid surrounding it. You can use it with non-ferrous vessels of any size. It can heat different kinds of liquids such as tea, soup or baby food. Another advantage is Miito is too easy to clean.
Check out the video below to have more idea about how it works. Mitto is only a prototype today, with the Berlin-based startup behind the design in the process of raising crowdfunds on Kickstarter to get their reworked kettle to market hopefully next year.

Miito – reimagine the electric kettle

more info: Kickstarter


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