Skull Candy HESH 3 Earphones

One of the great things about listening to music in the digital age is the ability to do it on the move. Streaming services mean that your smartphone or tablet now have all the tracks you will ever need to keep you entertained on the go. Key to getting the full enjoyment from this though is choosing the right headphones.
Luckily, Skull Candy have released the HESH 3 model to make this an easy issue to address for you. The first thing you notice about them is that they look simply amazing! Available in a range of colours from red to black, they will make sure you look good when listening to your favourite music. They are affordable too so will give you the famous Skull Candy quality without breaking the bank!
Skull Candy have designed these in such a way that all outside noise is isolated meaning you get to hear what you are listening to in all its glory. With wireless technology included for full mobility, they also charge up in just 10 minutes for 4 hours of crystal clear sound. Very comfortable to wear thanks to the soft foam on the ear pieces, this is one pair of headphones that will blow you away.
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Skull Candy HESH 3 (1)
Skull Candy HESH 3
Skull Candy HESH 3 (2)
Skull Candy HESH 3
Skull Candy HESH 3 (3)
Skull Candy HESH 3

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