Smartest Air Conditioner- Quirky Aros

Announced as ‘’the world’s smartest air conditioner’’, Quirky Aros is a home climate solution with and elegant look and smart features. It is a conventional in-window a/c that can cool up to 350 square feet with 8,000 BTU. At the same time Aros air conditioner tracks every habit and usage pattern that you exhibit, and automatically accommodate to maintain the ideal temperature for your comfort and health. With its mobile app (both for ios and android), Aros lets you control everything from tracking, programming and regulating your air conditioning, even you aren’t at home. Smart air conditioner will know where you are with the help of GPS tracker and it will set perfect tempeture before you get home. You can set it manually for your budget or let it set itself according to weather reports!
Check out photos below and if you want to include Quirky Aros a/c in your home automation system, you can get it from amazon for 300 USD… Not that high price for features like this.

Quirky Aros (1)
Quirky Aros


Quirky Aros (2)
Quirky Aros


Quirky Aros (3)
Quirky Aros


Quirky Aros (4)
Quirky Aros

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