Sobro Cooler Coffee Table

When someone mentions coffee tables, chances are you start to get bored. Traditionally, they are fine enough looking but lack any form of unique features to truly get you interested. The Sobro Cooler Coffee Table is about to change all that though!
The first thing you notice about this coffee table is that it looks totally different to any other out there. A dazzling white design and soft curves make it something that looks amazing and utterly contemporary. This has another innovative twist as well – it has been designed as a multi-functional piece of furniture, ideal for having friends over. There are spacious chiller drawers underneath to keep all your beers cold while the built-in LED lights set just the right atmosphere for fun.
It can also be hooked up to your TV with Bluetooth, so you can get the party started with some upbeat music. A really neat idea the manufacturers came up with here is the USB charge ports at the side. This means you can charge your devices up from the comfort of your sofa without having to move anywhere! Overall, this is one cool and useful piece of furniture to buy.

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Sobro Cooler Coffee Table (1)
Sobro Cooler Coffee Table
Sobro Cooler Coffee Table (2)
Sobro Cooler Coffee Table

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