Space-saving Sofa Transforms Into Practical Bunk Bed

Italy based furniture company Clei has redesigned convertible sofa to be even more space-saving. In their convertible and minimal furniture line, Doc, the innovative mechanism is not the sliding transition that you see in traditional convertible futons. The hinging technique used in this furniture piece rotates and lifts a portion of the sofa to become a separate elevated bed. Check out the photos and video below to see the transformation in action.
About Clei-
Clei, furnishings industry, is based in Brianza and boasts origins back in time. The company was established in 1962 with a great propensity for innovation, focusing on design directed to integrate Transformable Systems into modular and versatile furniture collection, for home furnishings, holiday houses and business residences.

Doc by Clei (1)
Doc by Clei

Doc by Clei (2)
Doc by Clei
Doc by Clei (3)
Doc by Clei
Doc by Clei (4)
Doc by Clei

Doc. By Clei

Via: Clei


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