TESLA Powerbank

As great as smartphones are, isn’t it annoying when you run out of charge when out or constantly have to find somewhere to plug your normal charger in? Luckily for us mere mortals, those design wizards at TESLA have come up with this funky solution. Now they have seemingly conquered the motoring world, maybe mobile telecoms are next?!
The powerbank itself looks as modern and sleek as you would expect from this company with bold colours and futuristic looks. Containing integrated USB, microUSB and Apple lightning connections, it means you can effectively charge your iPhone or Android phone on the move. As such the answer it gives to a very common problem is amazing! Quick to charge up any phone you plug into it, this will have you back connected to the world again in no time at all.
Modelled after the famous TESLA Supercharger, it has an highly efficient circuit inside to give superb power from its 3,350mAh cell. Even more impressive, the price is very reasonable and means you can grab some TESLA style without breaking the bank. At just 4 inches tall, it may be small but it’s certainly mighty!


Tesla Powerbank
Tesla Powerbank

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