Touchjet Pond – Turn any flat surface into a screen

If you are looking for a stylish, high-tech way to jazz up your next work presentation then this is the answer. The Touchjet Pond is a complete Android operating system, attached to a projector that can project an 80-inch screen! Not only that but the design makes it a truly interactive product that lets you draw and play with the projected image via the innovative stylus pen.
As well as the stylus, you get a remote control that lets you easily navigate through the various menus and programs. Able to be easily transported around in a briefcase or backpack thanks to its compact design, it will be something that you will love to use for work or travel. It can even pair with other devices to use as a regular projector if required.
For added punch when used, it has its own speakers and an Aux jack for full routing flexibility. With 4 inputs possible at any one time, it is great for those interactive work meetings or multi-player games at a friend’s house. The ability to directly manipulate what is being shown is simply stunning!

BUY HERE: Touchjet TP80WUS Pond Smart Touch Projector

Touchjet Pond (1)
Touchjet Pond
Touchjet Pond (2)
Touchjet Pond
Touchjet Pond (3)
Touchjet Pond

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