VascoPillow Luxury Travel Pillow

If you travel a lot for work or visiting friends, then you’ll know how stiff you can feel at the end of a journey. This is especially true for your neck and shoulders that may have been squashed up against the person sitting next to you on the train or plane in an awkward position! Pick this luxurious travel pillow up though and that will be a distant memory!
One of the great features of this travel pillow compared to others is that it is ergonomically designed. This means that it fits perfectly on your neck and shoulders to give unrivalled levels of comfort when used. Made from memory foam, this will naturally mould to your body so you get a personalised massage from it but then returns to its original shape after use.
By far the features that most people will enjoy in this item though is the massage and heat functions. The massage setting gives a very relaxing, deep-tissue feel which will instantly relieve any stresses or strains from travelling. The heat function uses gentle heat circulation technology to help your circulation and prevent headaches when on a journey. This is a superb product overall and one that you need if you travel a lot!
Via: Kickstarter


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