Wooden Portable Amplifier – Trobla

If your smartphone speakers aren’t as good as HTC’s boomsound, you may want to use an extra speaker for better and louder sound. Although there are lots of portable alternatives, most of them needs extra batteries for power and cables for connection. Designed and manufactured by three friends: Matej, Andrej, and Martin; wooden amplifier Trobla is not that type of solution. Currently being funded over on Kickstarter, the Trobla is crafted from locally sourced Slovenian wood and allows sound to travel through a hollowed chamber and guided through a cone for a genuinely impressive level of amplification.

The best thing is there are no electronic components with Trobla. Instead of electronics, they used natural acoustic qualities of the wood. The wooden speaker is suitable for use with the vast majority of smartphones including iphone 5,5s and Galaxy S6. Check out the photos and video below. To support this elegant design, don’t forget to visit their official kickstarter page!

Trobla (1)

Trobla (2)
Trobla (3)
Trobla (4)

The sound amplification by Trobla

Trobla from TOK TOK on Vimeo.

MORE INFO: Trobla on Kickstarter


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